M365 Adoption Package

Why is adoption important?

User adoption of Microsoft 365 can help businesses save money, increase productivity, improve communication, support remote and hybrid working, enhance security, enable data analysis, facilitate project management, and promote social networking.


ACM Leadership Workshop

An Adoption Change Management Leadership Workshop is a workshop designed to help organizations navigate and manage change effectively. These workshops are highly interactive and engaging, allowing participants to gain understanding of M365, improved productivity & efficiency within your organization, streamlined & improved end-user experience, all to maximized ROI.

Support Team Workshop

An Support Team Workshop is a workshop designed to help transition your support team know what to expect and provide an open discussion for them to get their questions answered. We will demonstrate a user's perspective so tips and common troubleshooting can be discussed.

The Lighthouse

We will build a site to store documents, data, and news for user access and communication tool to use throughout your roll. Also includes a FAQ list that the client can add to as rollout continues. We have found providing a centralized location for your organization to find information and resources helps tremendously with adoption.

Communication & Training Plan

We will provide a plan for communication and training that can be customized by the client with specific dates and other details. Providing this to your entire project team helps them to prepare for the eb and flow of your users.


Champion Training

Champions are trained to help build, grow, and sustain your Microsoft 365 rollout by evangelizing and helping their peers with the new solutions. They are responsible for evangelizing and helping train their teams on the new ways of working, building awareness, understanding, and engagement throughout the community.

App-based User Training

User based training that can cover one app each session like Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, etc.

Sessions can also be topic based, like Communication, Hosting a meeting, etc.

M365 Unplugged

Candid and unfiltered discussion or exploration of Microsoft 365 (MS365). This Q&A session will provide a more informative engagement around M365 apps to help Champions, Support team, Leadership, or other key project stakeholder groups; uncover insights, tips, or perspectives that are unique to their specific situations.

The Lighthouse Training

Training the group of users to use The Lighthouse site.

Jump Start Video Links

A customized collection of Microsoft videos links that can be used for training and communication during your pre thru post roll-out.